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Donnas: a fascinating journey by night from the Roman times to Middle Ages

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arco romano Donnas Discover the most common but also the unusual and secret side of the Aosta Valley with a tour guide.
Together we will visit Aosta, also called “Rome of the Alps” with its remarkable archaeological remains, the Cathedral and the Collegiate Church of Saint Orso, walking through the megalithic area of  Saint Martin de Corléans, a unique site in Europe. Obviously we won’t skip the many castles  (Fénis, Issogne, Verrès, Savoia… and many others) that stud the valley and the majestic Fortress of Bard, a main exhibition centre in our region.
Aosta Valley is not only culture, but also traditional craftsmanship, which is displayed in the thousand-year old Saint Orso fair. The Aosta Valley is famous also for the Skyway Mont Blanc, the Christmas Market and Carnivals.
Taste food and wine of the Aosta Valley with its four protected designation of origin (PDO) products (Lardo d’Arnad, Jambon de Bosses, Fontina e Fromadzo) and the many DOC wines producted by the many local wineries.

Aosta Valley also means alpine villages, ecomuseums, traditional architecture… and much more…


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