Village of Bard

Village of Bard

Bard is a typical thoroughfare village born along the Roman road to Gaul. Today it retains its medieval layout and the precious 15th and 16th century residential buildings which are extremely well-preserved.

Most of the medieval buildings were constructed upon ancient Roman walls forming the support base of the road and the monumental medieval houses can be recognized by ancient coat-of-arms, beautiful mullioned and cross windows.

The village is still today a fascinating place and a transit way of the Francigena Road.

The guided tour of the ancient village of Bard is a journey in ancient history starting from Casa Nicole built over the western gate to the Bard village, the building facade preserves signs of bullets shot during the assault on the Bard fortress by Napoleon’s army in May 1800. The building creates a tower whose top is adorned by the chapel that was frescoed by painter Giovanni Antonio di Biella.

Challant house built towards at the end of the 15th century was home to Count Filiberto di Challant, lord of Bard between 1487 and 1517. He was the owner of the beautiful Issogne castle and this house has some architectural resembling as the horseshoe layout of the courtyard and the frescoes on the facade.

The Bishop’s house placed in front of the Sundial house, where during the 1700 lived a bishop exiled from Alba to Bard.

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